A Heart Wrenching Movie…Toy Story 3

I’ve been reading several blogs a day lately…looking for what I can do better…and I linked into one that included a story about how she “bawled” at Toy Story 3. I was relieved. See, I thought I had been the only one.

My sister’s reaction was what I expected as I phoned her during the credits at the end of the movie…”You what?” I knew she couldn’t believe she heard me right. I couldn’t believe I said it. I couldn’t believe it happened. (Before you comment on my use of a cell phone in the theater, let me just say that the six other people were on their way out of the theater before I dialed. Yes, it was an early matinee.)

A friend posted on Facebook over the weekend about how funny she thought it was… I agree that it was funny, but also heart wrenching.

Another blog I ran across today (no, I have not kept track of which ones I visited or read anything on) made me feel a little guilty for recommending the movie to my sister. The blogger went on about how scary it was for her 4 year old. (My daughter did not seem scared, but maybe that was because of another parenting mistake I will save for later.) The blogger also had additional issues that lead her to believe the movie was targeted to teens. I never felt way. I never even thought of it.

So, why did I cry? Well, Andy goes to college. I know they say it in the promos for the movie, but it was how it was presented at the end of the movie that just got to me.


  1. OhioBobcat1999 says:

    I agree with you.


    The way Andy passed the toys on and reluctantly moved on with the next phase of his life was so well done. Pixar has a knack for that. The opening scene of “UP” had the same sort of feel. The entire life story of a couple and their dreams being met with reality until it is too late. Sometimes even animation can pull the heart strings.

  2. Richie Bear says:

    As I pondered my next move to slay the dragon, I was listening to the audio of the youtube post. Within a few seconds, I was mesmerized and transport away for 7 minutes of enjoyment and reflection.

    Great Link – keep up the good work!