My name is Paula.  I am a 40  50-something year old blogger, consultant, and homeschool teacher of a preschool grade middle school-age girl.

Before blogging and homeschooling, I spent more than 20 years in the work force.  I worked in radio, video production, and higher education. In fact, I spent 19 years in higher education. However,  one of life’s segues (Blessings) led me from being in the college classroom to a home schooling Mom.

I started this blog in 2010 before officially beginning homeschooling, which we started when she was in Kindergarten at the age of five.

When we started, homeschooling was not rare in our area, but it was not nearly as common as it is today.  We used to get questions whenever one of us told someone locally that my daughter was homeschooled.  Now, there are no questions or second guesses by anyone we tell…around here.  In fact, it is now a shock to us when we are visiting family in more northern states to be questioned again about homeschooling.

I never really planned to homeschool…it was my husband’s idea when my daughter was just 2 after we moved to Georgia.  My daughter was born with an overabundance of mast cells and she started having hives everyday…just before she turned 5.  We had already been booted out of daycare for hives (just in case they weren’t hives despite what the doctors had told us).  The daily appearance of hives for about a year sealed our decision to homeschool.  I am so thankful we made that decision!

Unlike many of the homeschooling families we met in our early days of homeschooling, we do not homeschool because of our faith.   Don’t get me wrong, we are Christians. However, unlike many of those homeschooling families we met early on, we don’t believe that practicing Christianity means to isolate ourselves from the world but just the opposite…we believe that we were called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We believe in  helping others and leading by example in the midst of it all.

Originally, this blog was to connect with family and friends because we no longer lived close.  Eventually, Facebook replaced the blog as a way of connecting to those out of the area.  The blog evolved.  I started trying to answer questions that people regularly asked.   The topics ranged from homeschooling to recipes.  Before long, I spun off the recipes and restaurant reviews into another blog, A Simple Home Cook.  The restaurant reviews inspired yet a third blog on family travel, The Hills Ahead.

Another Segue’s purpose was re-examined and it was eventually relaunched and re-branded to concentrate on homeschooling, living on less, and

The name Another Segue came about because of my radio/TV background. A segue is a transition between songs, news stories, of just about anything really. As a disc jockey, I was always thrilled to get a smooth segue between songs especially because I worked in radio when the songs were still on vinyl and this was harder to achieve.

I believe that life is a series of events that happen and roles we play…all requiring segues.

There is no guarantee that there will be another segue beyond the one of this moment. Thus, I try to embrace all my segues/moments with as much “vim and vigor” (as my father used to say) as I can muster while trying to live by the Golden Rule.