Wecome to My World

As I pulled back the master bath’s shower curtain, it came undone from two of the hooks.  The metal hooks fell on the floor with a flourish. My daughter was standing there impatiently waiting to get into the shower.  “Welcome to my world,” she says with a sigh, “that happened to me when I took […]

How Much Does Church Cost?

We called him “Tom.”  We had trouble pronouncing his real name.  He was the first person from Japan that many of us had ever met. He was, despite a language barrier, funny guy.  He was an International Economics major.  He was a self-proclaimed agnostic. Tom was a foreign exchange student from Hiroshima.  He was at […]

What I Have Learned From the First Week of “Formal” Homeschooling

For over a year, I did research. I found curriculum. I read articles. I talked to another homeschooling parent in my geographic area. I prepared to teach Kindergarten. Today, I received an email of an article I could have used last week – it was on Erasing the Line Between Home and School . I […]

The End of Summer

I know that the technical end of summer is not until September 23.  However, Labor Day weekend marks the end of the practical summer. Here are a few photos capturing the end of summer weekend from my perspective: No, that is not me in the hang glider. I was just watching. I used to think […]