Kids in the Kitchen: Oranges and Peppermint

Until recently, I thought it was common place to drink orange juice through a peppermint stick placed in the orange either at camp or during the holidays. Turns out, I was wrong. My former Boy Scout, 4-H husband, and several friends said they never even heard of it before. I could not believe so many […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Pita Pizzas

As a result of my writing a food blog, my daughter is now making up her own recipes and wanting to take pictures of all of our food. These are unintended consequences, but I am trying to use them to encourage her, teach her, and have fun with her. She wants to cook independently, thus […]

Facing the Fold: Finding Laundry Solutions

What is the worst part of doing laundry? For me, it is folding it and putting it away. First, my husband and I fold everything from t-shirts to towels very differently. If he does a load or folds a load, nothing matches up to how I folded the rest of the clothes in the drawer […]

Coping with Laundry Burn Out

I am suffering from laundry burn out. I think I have the classic symptoms: I have no desire to complete my daily laundry tasks; I am short tempered with my washer and dryer; fresh, warm sheets do not make me feel any less depressed. Yes, I have the laundry burn out blues. (By the way, […]