New Year, Same Laundry

Happy New Year! I have heard it is a new year. We light sparklers at midnight the other night to usher in the new year. I ate pork and cabbage on the first of January to follow tradition and because they say it brings good fortune. Today, I wrote a check and put 2011 for […]

Making Holiday Memories

This week is unusual for us this year.  We are usually take off the day after Christmas to visit family, but this year is different.  This year we had to stay home, so we decided to make the best of it. My daughter put on performances of singing, “playing” the guitar, and dancing.  She made […]

How I am So Far Behind at Christmas

Okay, I know, I know…Christmas comes on the same day every year, so there is no reason I should be so far behind every year, especially this year. Well, I am.  Plus, I know of several reasons as to why I am so far behind: I like to shop during the Christmas season…I liked it […]

Don’t Spill Blueberry Juice and Other Lessons

My daughter opened the refrigerator door and out tumbled a nearly full 64 ounce bottle of blueberry juice.  Its plastic lid apparently broke as it hit the floor splattering half of  its sticky, staining contents. My daughter picked up the remains left in the bottle and casually walked to the other end of the house […]