It is World AIDS Day

Note: This is not a light-hearted or humorous post like I often try to write. However, I feel it is an important subject and deserves my acknowledgment. I clearly remember watching Tom Brokaw talk about a new disease that had been discovered on my 9 inch black and white television in my dorm room. I […]

Home School Lessons: Practical Math

It seemed like many of the homeschooling parents I heard of were having their children make lunch or dinner as part of their home school day. I thought it was a little strange, but I understood that there was definitely teaching opportunities in the practice. This week, my daughter and I have been making cookies […]

Who Needs Snow for Sledding?

I don’t know if it is all over the South or not, but sledding on grassy slopes is popular in our area.   Although we do occasionally get snow, the most use purchased sleds get seems to be on the grass. A sled is not necessary though.  Grass sledding can be done almost as well (if […]

Happy 100th Birthday!

My husband’s grandmother turned 100 today. She credits her longevity to good genes. Her mother and her grandfather lived until they were 99. In fact, her grandfather was just four days short of reaching his 100th birthday. Although it is a huge milestone to reach, turning 100 is not as unusual as it was when […]