Making Her Life Better

My daughter is upset her favorite restaurants owners are retiring because the have made her life better.

Feeling the Burn

The Children’s Television Act of 1990 banned advertisers from making infomercials aimed at children under the age of twelve. Although, this has not stopped children from taking notice of infomercials targeted toward adults. My daughter has apparently paid attention to part of an infomercial aimed at selling exercise equipment. We were sitting in a fast […]

A Heart Wrenching Movie…Toy Story 3

I’ve been reading several blogs a day lately…looking for what I can do better…and I linked into one that included a story about how she “bawled” at Toy Story 3. I was relieved. See, I thought I had been the only one. My sister’s reaction was what I expected as I phoned her during the […]


My daughter admits to kicking a boy on purpose.