Don’t Spill Blueberry Juice and Other Lessons

My daughter opened the refrigerator door and out tumbled a nearly full 64 ounce bottle of blueberry juice.  Its plastic lid apparently broke as it hit the floor splattering half of  its sticky, staining contents. My daughter picked up the remains left in the bottle and casually walked to the other end of the house […]

Christmas Traditions

I just realized that our Christmas Pickle ornament broke last year and I have not bought a replacement. I need to order one soon. It needs to be here in time to be hidden in the tree so it can be found on Christmas morning for good luck. It has been one of our Christmas […]

Unusual Gift Ideas

Do you need some help coming up with gift ideas for those hard to buy for on your list? Or are you just tired of giving ordinary items like socks, ties, etc.? Well, here are some unusual items that may make great gifts. Caffeinated Marshmallows: These were at Amazon, but they have sold out! They […]

It is World AIDS Day

Note: This is not a light-hearted or humorous post like I often try to write. However, I feel it is an important subject and deserves my acknowledgment. I clearly remember watching Tom Brokaw talk about a new disease that had been discovered on my 9 inch black and white television in my dorm room. I […]