Drinking Straw

In my continuing effort to be more organic and less chemically-based, I have reached the last straw.  Okay, it may be the last straw I have to buy for quite a while because it is a glass straw.

When my husband first saw these in the store, I thought they were silly.  I also thought they could be a dangerous thing.  After all, they are made of glass and glass breaks.  They were even selling little cases for the shards straws. I thought those were an even sillier idea.

The more I thought about it the more practical they seemed.  My daughter loves to drink from a straw.   I am not thrilled about the possible issues with the chemicals used in plastic.  Plus, we use hundreds of straws in just six months and I am not thrilled with putting them in a landfill.

After some research, I discover the straws are made of a durable glass that will withstand heat and cold.  It will not break easily, microwave, and dishwasher safe.  Frankly, if it was not dishwasher safe I would not be writing this post.

However, there was still a concern about the cost. The cost of one glass straw equated to about 800-900 of the plastic ones. It would only take about seven months at the rate straws disappear around my house for me to break even. A glass straw should last for years, thus it should save us money in less than a year.

If you are interested, I found them at a local grocery that was recently purchased by Whole Foods or you can get them through this link:

You will not see us eating out using it any time soon though.  I am afraid it might get thrown away or lost then it would not be my last straw for sure.

(This is just my own discovery.  I have not received any compensation or product from the manufactures of glass straws or Whole Foods.  I will receive a referral fee from Amazon if you purchase through them.  However, this is not why I wrote this post.)

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