Facing the Fold: Finding Laundry Solutions

What is the worst part of doing laundry? For me, it is folding it and putting it away.

First, my husband and I fold everything from t-shirts to towels very differently. If he does a load or folds a load, nothing matches up to how I folded the rest of the clothes in the drawer or closet. Second, when I give the folded laundry to my 5 year-old to put in her drawers and closet, she “refolds” it into messed up balls. Finally, I really dislike matching socks and finding someplace to put the clothes.

Don’t get me wrong. I have plenty of space to put away clothes. However, I lack the proper storage in that space.

We only have one chest of drawers in our bedroom for both of us. However, there is a decent size walk in closet with shelving. It is plenty of storage in theory.

However, the closet was designed by the previous owners and they must have been both taller and shorter than us. Taller because of the upper shelves that have much of the hanging space is so close to the ceiling. Shorter because the other shelves are permanently positioned to prevent our shirts from hanging and using the next shelf below.

Items hung from the bottom shelves end up touching the floor. Oh, how I would love to have adjustable shelves in the closet (and the kitchen, but that is another story).

So, where do I put the clothes? Well, I have ended up leaving some of the shirts and dresses hang in the laundry room. There is space on the hanging shelf and it lets me put folded clothes on racks in our closets.

As far as the folding of the clothes, I think I have found a solution.

It is like what they use in department stores that makes all of the folded items the same. They even have a junior size one. This could solve the differences in our folding styles and give my daughter a hand at folding her own clothes.

Until I can afford to by an elfa closet system to replace my existing closet, I think having properly folded clothes will help me get over the dread of doing laundry that I currently face.

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