How to Eliminate the Annoying, Disgusting Fruit Fly

I love fresh fruits and vegetables, but I do not like the fruit flies that they can attract.   My end of the season tomatoes seem to really be attractive to these pests.

To get rid of them:

  • Put some apple cider vinegar and water  in a jar and add a few drops of liquid dish soap.  We set the jar near the area of the fruit/vegetables.  The flying pests are attracted to the open jar, but when they go in they can’t get out.
  • Pour  bleach down both sides of my double sink and allow it to stand in the traps a few minutes.  This eliminates a favorite breeding ground/living space of these pests.
  • Get rid of overripe fruit/veggies, especially bananas and tomatoes.  The overly ripe produce is the main attraction.  They love fermentation.
  • Make sure to find their source. Eliminate any attractors.
  • Keep a close watch for them to reappear about a week after you think you have eliminated them.  They may have propagated.


  • Don’t buy bananas, tomatoes or other produce that you can not refrigerate or use them immediately.
  • Refrigerate all fresh produce.
  • Do not keep any fermenting product in an open container.
  • Keep drains cleaned out, especially ones connected to a garbage disposal.
  • Keep counter, sinks and floors clean, especially of any sweet, sticky spills.
  • Keep a tight lid on any kitchen compost container.
  • Wash out any recyclables before putting them in a home recycling bin, especially soda pop or beer cans.

Good luck!

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