If I Can’t See and He Can’t Hear. . .

I’ve already discussed my eye issue in  a previous post.  Well, I went back for my follow-up concert, and my saga continues.  I go back in October for continued treatment.  Currently, I see 20/20 with correction – I guess we are working to make sure it stays that way.

Anyhow, my  husband returned home the other day  from a business trip  with a horrible ear infection.  I knew it was bad a couple of days before he arrived because I could see redness and swelling in his face via Skype.

Sure enough, his trip to the doctor the morning after his arrival home confirmed what I already knew – it is not good.  I won’t go into all the stuff you don’t really want to know.  I will just say that it was so bad the doctor had to put a wick in his ear to get drops in because it was too swollen for the drops otherwise.

My little daughter is the one stuck with us though.  She has to sit through very long appointments at the eye doctors.  She can’t play much with her dad, despite him being gone almost two weeks, because he is in pain.

She has to wait while both of us put drops in the offending organs.  She has to wait longer for my vision then to clear enough to do something with her.  She has to wait even longer for my husband to lie still on his side while the drops seep into his ear before he can do something with her.

We both have to constantly tell my husband that the television is way too loud.  In fact, I had to get up in the middle of the night and tell him that the television in living room was going to wake up everyone including our not-so-close neighbors.

I guess it is one of the prices of having older parents (offsetting many advantages) that my daughter has to pay.

Although if  I can’t see and my husband can’t hear, my daughter is going to have to start being a mediator.


  1. Tell Richard that when Stu traveled he carried with him an entire drugstore given to him by his Dr.- antiboitics, pain killers, skin cream for infections etc. It made the world of difference when he was overseas. It was very dangerous for him to fly with a severe ear infection. He could have been left with a permanent hearing loss and you and your daughter would have ended up with noise induced hearing losses from the TV!

    • Thanks! I will tell him. I think that is a great idea. I know he had a few things, but obviously not enough of the correct things!

  2. Sorry to hear about your ailments! I hope you both are feeling better soon.

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