Looking Forward to Football

I have great news. I already have my tickets for the big football game!

No, not the Superbowl. I have no desire to go to the Superbowl. Plus, those tickets are waaaay to expensive for my budget.

Besides, I am not talking about that kind of football. I am talking about soccer.

I recently found out the Chattanooga Football Club is hosting a preseason professional game between the New England Revolution is playing . . .wait for it. . . the Columbus Crew. I know, can you believe my favorite team (okay, the only team I know) is coming to Tennessee. Plus, the terrific news is that the tickets are only ten dollars each for everyone over six.

Considering that if I went to a game in Ohio it would cost more for one ticket than it does for the entire family to attend the game here, I am thrilled.
Yes, the game could be rather chilly considering it is in early March, but I would rather have it too cold than too hot.

The summer heat of the Chattanooga Football Club’s games is the only down-side to the semi-pro club. Not only do the games make for affordable family fun, my nephew loved the soccer camp the club had last summer.

If you plan on being in the Chattanooga area over the summer, you should consider checking out one of the games. The club’s website should have the schedule and ticket information when the schedule is finalized.

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