New Year, Same Laundry

Happy New Year!

I have heard it is a new year. We light sparklers at midnight the other night to usher in the new year. I ate pork and cabbage on the first of January to follow tradition and because they say it brings good fortune. Today, I wrote a check and put 2011 for the date.

Other than those things I just mentioned, I can not really tell it is a new year. I have no sense of renewal. I don’t see this time as a clean slate. In fact, I see the same dirty laundry facing me as last year.

Laundry is my life. Okay, not my entire life, but a significant portion of my daily existence, along with dirty dishes.

I could use a vacation from it. However, even if I were to take a vacation, it is still going to be there. We still wear clothes on vacation. I still have to do laundry.

I can take a break from cooking by going out to eat. I can take a break from cleaning by leaving the house for a few days and/or going on a vacation. I can not take a break from laundry.

Sure, I can postpone laundry by not doing it until we run out of clean clothes, etc. However, it will still be there waiting to be washed, dried, and put away.

Yes, I could have some one else do it for me. However, my daughter is a little too young still. My husband. . . well. . .my husband and I came to an agreement when we were first married. . . he would do the dishes and I would do the laundry. He used to do the laundry occasionally, but I quickly grew tired of my clothes and linens being a smaller size after he washed them than they were before being washed.

Thus, today I am facing this pile of the same laundry that I face every week.

I know the year has changed, but my laundry chores have not changed at all.

Note: This is part one of a series on laundry. No, I am not kidding…I have tons to say on the subject. If you do any laundry, you may be interested in the series. If not, you must be a man. . .

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