No Deodorant Here

Trying to be a more organic and less chemically-based mom, I have stopped using deodorant.  Yes, you heard me. I stopped using deodorant.  Okay, so today is the first day and I do not know if I will remain deodorant free, but I am going to try it and let you know what happens.

I have not stopped trying to be odor free.  I started using a mineral salt rock.  It is supposed to create a barrier against odor-causing bacteria forming.  Thus, in theory at least, a person should remain odor free without deodorant.

Some of the mineral salt rocks claimed to last up to a year according their labels.  Many of them cost less than six dollars, thus this would be a rather thrifty venture as well.  Although, I must admit that I probably did not spend more than 6 dollars per adult in my household this past year thanks to effectively using coupons. (I think that is probably a whole other blog or at least another page:)

I tell you tomorrow how I managed in this 90+ degree day.


  1. You have to tell me where to find this!! I HATE deodarant like the plague.

    Found you on MBC!! Welcome by the way, its one heck of a website.

    • Thanks for the reply and your interest! They had several options at a local grocery store that was recently purchased by Whole Foods. I also saw one on clearance the other day at my local Walgreen’s in the regular deodorant section. It was only $2.50! I don’t think I would have noticed it all the way on the bottom of the shelving unit except for the bright orange clearance sign. I don’t remember the brand but it was one that looked like a regular deodorant instead of the rock that some look like.

      Thanks for the welcome to MBC!