Not Understanding the Behavior of Men

Seriously, is there something wrong in the genetic make-up of the human male?  Is it something that alters after they are married?  Is it just that they are not as detail oriented about the same things as women?  I could go on with my questions, but I should and will stop.

I know that some of you are men, so I will explain my rant.

I really do not understand why men (yes, I’m generalizing –  I am sure it is not all men) do the things they do.  For example:

A lady is struggling with two children in Target while she is trying to place light bulbs in her cart.  She notices the smaller child running toward my cart and says her husband’s name and asks for help.  He is standing looking at items on the end cap of the aisle right behind her.  She says his name again as she drops the light bulbs in the cart then starts to run after her toddler daughter who has made it all the way down to my cart by now.  The husband looks up as his wife starts to sprint.  He had a dumbfounded look on his face.  He said “Huh?”, watched his wife, then went back to looking at the items on the end cap.

I find this to be fairly typical.  The husband in my example probably had no clue why his wife was upset with him.  He was not the least bit ruffled by the experience.

Here are some other examples I have (some of which were not even my husband):

  • A husband interrupts his wife on the phone to ask where  ____(you can fill in everything from gym bag, clothes, to kid’s toys)  is located. (This one or a variance thereof seems to happen a lot.)
  • A husband and wife start painting a room because he really wants the color changed.  She takes a break and goes outside.  He comes out within a couple of minutes asking for her help.
  • A wife leaves her husband with an infant child while she goes grocery shopping.  The husband calls the wife every five minutes to ask a question about the care of the baby.
  • A wife makes all the arrangements for their child’s birthday party at a local restaurant.  The husband lets the wife deal with all the details and guests at the party.
  • A husband volunteers to help at a church event.  The wife ends up cooking all the food (or in my case putting together a basket for auction.)
  • A husband lets the kids watch a really scary television program just before bedtime.  After all, he will just sleep through the kids waking up with nightmares.
  • A husband who is really sick, but won’t admit it to avoid going to the doctor.
  • A husband asks his wife to identify his relatives at a family function because he can’t remember.
  • One of the most unbelievable was from a guy complaining (no this one was not my husband) about having to “babysit” his three girls the night his wife attended a bridal shower.  It was the first time he had watched all three of them by himself.  The oldest was five and the youngest was  around 18 months.  He went on and on about how his wife was gone for over two hours!  He was exhausted the next day.

I have way too many examples to include.  Some of them are more funny than serious.  Some of them are way too serious to be funny.  All of them are beyond my full comprehension.

I want to chalk it up to men being delusional or just living in a constant state of denial at home (issues concerning work and sports seem to be exempt from this malady).   However, the truth is probably much more complicated than men know despite their “we are simple creatures” claim.


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