Peanut Butter: Solution for a Sticky Mess

As  a child, I remember my mother cutting gum out of my hair after I fell asleep with it in my mouth.  I also remember my father standing nearby, watching her, and saying his famous line, “If I were king of the world, I would outlaw chewing gum.”

Neither of my parents knew that all they had to do was to go to the kitchen and get the Jif (it was the only kind we ate) and put it in my hair to remove the gum.

It is more commonly known today, I guess.

I also know that it works at removing gum from carpet.  Just apply peanut butter to the gum area, wait for a few minutes, and wipe up with a rag.  Then, just use regular carpet cleaner to get rid of any residue.

A fairly recent discovery at our house is that peanut butter will also take off glue from your hands if you happen to get them in a glue trap.

Let me just go ahead and answer your objections now. Yes, the kind of trap to catch a mouse.  Why?  We don’t live in the city and it does get cold here; the mice like to be warm too apparently. No, the other kind did not work. Yes, I am afraid of mice. Yes, we plugged all the holes and cracks we could find to stop them from entering, but they still managed to get into the crawl space and hang out with the hot water heater.  No, the pets couldn’t get to them.

Anyway, the glue can be easily removed by putting peanut butter on the affected area, waiting briefly, and removing it with a slightly damp cloth.

Isn’t it funny that something that seems so sticky when you eat it is really a great solution when you are in a sticky situation?

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