My Best of List, Unusual Shopping Experiences

Finding the unusual store is so much fun. My favorite places to shop are those that are not those found in a mall or shopping center. Here are just a sampling of my favorite, more unusual places: 1.  Lehman’s Hardware: This may be my favorite place to visit.  The main store is in Kidron, Ohio […]

A Simple Home Cook

When my mom was mostly living with me after she got very sick toward the end of her life, she was on a restricted diet to try and save her kidney function.  My sister had made her up frozen meals for when she lived alone and I had taken some of them to my house […]

Bizarre Foods? I Don’t Think So. . .

Have you ever watched the television show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern?  In one episode, he highlighted “bizarre” foods found in Appalachia.  Okay, I thought, there may be some rather bizarre foods consumed in Appalachia, but I was confident they were not common foods – until I watched the show. One of the West Virginia […]