Yes, West Virginia is Really a State

Some person I have just met:  “Where are you from?” Me:  “West Virginia.” Some person I have just met: ” Oh really, I have a friend in Richmond.  Maybe you know them.” Yes, this conversation actually happened. It makes me wonder about the educational system.  I mean I had to learn the names (and capitals) […]

Zoodles Is The Answer

“M-O-M,” I hear my daughter yell,  “I am having trouble.  Can you come help me?”  Help her?  I just stepped into the next room from where she was playing Tinker Bell on the computer after begging me for an hour to log her on to the website advertised on the Disney Channel. I walk up […]


When we decided not to send our daughter to the public school’s optional Pre-K program last year, we knew we wanted to do something so she would not be behind the rest of her age group. We started out with several workbooks for Pre-K. These worked well, but my daughter got tired of them rather […]