That is Zum Soap

My daughter and I had been looking at (and smelling) the bar soaps every time we go the the natural foods store. Yes, I am easily amused.

I have been particularly fascinated by the large bars that are sold by the pound. You just take this unusual knife and slice yourself off as much as you want.

The Purchase

I decided to splurge and buy some. My daughter pick out the geranium fragrance. It was a lighter smelling off-white soap with neat color blocks.

I liked the more robust fragrance of the lavender mint.

The curvy slicer went through the soap with ease.

The listed price was expensive, but it was per pound. I did not buy anything close to a pound. I just bought slim slices to try the soap. In fact, both slices cost less than one prepackaged bar of the same soap.

At Home

The fragrance seemed stronger after the soap was sliced and in my car. Indeed,
the fragrance does permeate the bathrooms, but not the user.

It is a little too early to tell for sure, but it appears to be long lasting compared to some of our regular soaps. If it lasts as long as it appears it will, the soap may be a good value as well.

In the end, it was a fun mother/daughter activity that gave us wonderful smelling soap that leaves us feeling clean and soft. We plan to buy it again.

Disclosure: This is just my opinions and experience. I received no compensation or solicitation for this post.

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