The Birthday Cakes

My daughter had two birthday cakes  this year.

Okay, one of them was not technically a “cake”, but it was just the same to her and better for us.

Pineapple and orange cake minus candle and decorations

The other one was an actual cake that she asks for every year.   She always wants a strawberry cake with strawberry filling.  She usually asks for strawberry icing, but she didn’t say this year.  I went ahead and used the cream cheese frosting I had on hand.  She did not complain.

A slice of cake

She wanted her name on the cake this year.

I bought one of those colored icing tubes.  I bought the tips to use on it.

I practiced making letters, before the trying it on the cake.  I spent twenty minutes writing her name on the cake.

Then, I left her alone with the sprinkles for a few minutes.  Here is the result:

Birthday cake after sprinkles

When I asked her why, she said she did not know where else to put them.

She loved the cake.  She said I made “the best cake in the world.”   Of course, it could have been because she knew I was not thrilled with the sprinkles covering my hour or so of work.

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