The Wanderer is Home

I thought it is time to update you on the newest member of our family. As I said previously, he is a wanderer. However, lately he has been staying home.

It may be that my husband finally was able to make the fence escape proof, it may be the heat is too much, or maybe he just wants to stay here more than he currently wants to roam, but he has not been visiting any of the neighbors in over a week.

He seems quite comfortable in our furniture.

Sleeping in the big chair with cushions on top

He seems to love the bed my husband bought and placed in his crate for him to sleep on at night. He even stays in there a lot during the day when he is free to go anywhere except in the bedrooms.

He really likes laying under his blanket.

However, the second day we had the bed he decided to remove some of the stuffing. When I cleaned up what he removed, he took even more out.

Bed with stuffing as he seems to like it

However, he is currently very unhappy with me. I took him to the groomer’s today. Although he was very easy to bathe and he has very short hair, he has black nails and I was afraid to try and clip them.

They said he did very well, but I know he did not enjoy the nail grinding because I witnessed it.

He seemed very happy to see me. Once in the car though, he pouted all the way home.

When we arrived home, he moved from the back to the driver’s seat and refused to budge. I had to pick him up while he was pushing down with all his weight (only 12 lbs.) trying to stay in.

He was very happy once inside the house. He ran around the house, wanted out in the backyard, and ate and drank as though he was truly starving – instead of cleaning his bowl earlier in the day.

We have a car ride planned for him tomorrow. It should be interesting to see how excited he is after today’s adventure.

Despite still having some more adjusting to do, he seems like he is home.

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