The Birthday Cakes

My daughter had two birthday cakes  this year. Okay, one of them was not technically a “cake”, but it was just the same to her and better for us. The other one was an actual cake that she asks for every year.   She always wants a strawberry cake with strawberry filling.  She usually asks for […]

My Baby’s Delivery

Every baby’s delivery has a story. After all, there are several shows on cable about them and they keep making more. (I can’t imagine allowing other people in the room let alone the cameras.) Unless you really like  those shows,  you may not be fascinated, but I am going to share my daughter’s delivery story […]

The World’s Longest Yard Sale Is Here

When we moved to the top of this mountain, I had no idea that we would be just off the route of the 127 Corridor Sale, better known as The World’s Longest Yard Sale. The sale starts in Gadsden, Alabama and now extends all the way to Hudson, Michigan.  Ohio and Michigan are relatively new […]

Mistakes Sometimes Happen For A Reason

It is an everyday occurrence that I make some kind of mistake.  Most of them are fairly small and not notable.  Although, even these little mistakes can be embarrassing. I had one of these slightly embarrassing mistakes just the other night. My husband was shucking corn outside on the patio while I was trying to […]