IXL, A Learning Tool

We started using IXL as part of our homeschool curriculum when we began officially homeschooling as my daughter entered Kindergarten. We continued to use IXL for math practice throughout grade school and into middle school. We added the grammar practice as soon as IXL offered it. Why have we used IXL for so many years […]

American Museum of Science and Energy Field Trip

I have been wanting to go to the “Secret City” since we moved to this area. Finally, I decided to just make a day of it and take a home school field trip to the American Museum of Science and Energy (AMSE) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee (aka. the Secret City). I talked my sister into […]

Teaching Math Can Be Fun and Games

Why shouldn’t a child think that learning is fun? Why shouldn’t math be taught like it is a game instead of something to be dreaded? My 5-year-old seems to have more of a natural talent for math than I did and I want to encourage it by having fun while learning. While my daughter does […]

Home School Lessons: Practical Math

It seemed like many of the homeschooling parents I heard of were having their children make lunch or dinner as part of their home school day. I thought it was a little strange, but I understood that there was definitely teaching opportunities in the practice. This week, my daughter and I have been making cookies […]