Growing Peanuts

That is right. We live in Georgia and we grew peanuts. However, I live on a rock in Georgia in an area where peanuts are not prevalent – that is farther south. We planted our small garden in raised beds with soil purchased and delivered by a large retailer. We also purchased just one peanut […]

Toys of Christmas Past

My daughter has made out her list to Santa. Some of the items are new toys she has seen advertised on television. Some of the items are long standing toy traditions. One of the items she is asking for is a Barbie doll house. I reminded me of the Barbie doll house one of my […]

Thank You, Veterans

When I was little, I remember pictures of all of my mom’s brothers and my cousin hanging up near my maternal grandmother’s telephone. They were all wearing uniforms. I had no idea of the importance of these photos. Like three of my uncles, my dad served in the military during WWII. Unlike my uncles, he […]

“Is Jesus Real?”

“Is Jesus real?” The question came from my daughter sitting behind me as we drove home from the store. We had been talking about how there were not really that many more weeks for play practice before Christmas. . . The question totally caught me off guard. I quickly said yes. “Prove it,” she said. […]