The Luggage Arrived: They Lost My Husband?

If I had waited at the airport for the plane I thought he was going to be on, I may have seen his luggage circulating on the carousel.  However,  I had already left. He had already called to say that he had been on stand-by with many other people and did not make the cut.  […]

A Dozen Uses for Coffee Cans When Camping

I was upset when some coffee companies switched from the old metal can to plastic containers.   How would campers survive with out them? Okay, the new plastic containers have uses as well.  Plus,  there are still brands putting coffee in cans and industrial size food cans could substitute.  I guess camping will still go on. […]

How to Pack for Tent Camping

October is not just a month for Halloween, it is also the month that we always went fall camping in Girl Scouts. I remember having such a great time in the cool October days and somewhat cold October nights. I was in the Girl Scouts for decades. I was also part of the Boy Scout […]

Youth Obsession Includes Animals

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that our home was closed to further pet adoptions.   I should clarify that  there will be no more dogs, cats, rodents, or birds until some of our current animals pass on. What?  Why would I put it like that?  Well, all of our recent adoptions have been of older animals […]