“Is Jesus Real?”

“Is Jesus real?” The question came from my daughter sitting behind me as we drove home from the store. We had been talking about how there were not really that many more weeks for play practice before Christmas. . . The question totally caught me off guard. I quickly said yes. “Prove it,” she said. […]

How Much Does Church Cost?

We called him “Tom.”  We had trouble pronouncing his real name.  He was the first person from Japan that many of us had ever met. He was, despite a language barrier, funny guy.  He was an International Economics major.  He was a self-proclaimed agnostic. Tom was a foreign exchange student from Hiroshima.  He was at […]

A Child’s Logic

While passing by our church yesterday, my daughter says, “Hey, there is our church.  How come we learn about God there?  Why don’t we learn about space there?  I want to learn about space.” I answer, “The Church is a House of God.  It was built to Worship.  You can learn about space other places, […]

Tea Party Guest List

My daughter loves parties. Birthday and tea parties are her favorites. She has been wanting to have a “real” tea party for over six months now. Among the problems with actually having a tea party is her guest list. She wants to invite family who live hundreds of miles away. However, she is also set […]