Charleston: A Relaxing Vacation Destination

I know what I was doing three years ago this week.  I was in the midst of moving, and I was at the beach.

It was my first time to spend a week at a beach since I was two years old.  Ironically, my daughter was two years old.

We have taken three vacation trips that were more than a weekend adventure in the twelve years we have been married.  This was the second of them.  It was the most relaxing.

My sister and her family rented a condo near the beach outside of Charleston, South Carolina and invited us.  It was fantastic!

I mean look at what was just a brief walk away.

It was warm.  It was off season and so were the prices 🙂  It was not crowded.  Seriously, what was not to love?

Unlike other beaches I had spent the day at, this beach had relatively calm water.  There was no trash on the shore.  It was ideal.

Charleston also offered great diversity from relaxing on the beach, sea kayaking tours, fishing off a back water pier . . . My brother-in-law really liked the fishing, especially when he caught a sting ray 🙂

We visited the only producing, commercial tea plantation in the United States.  We were able to watch tea leaves being processed.  It smelled wonderful.

We also visited this large, old oak tree called Angel Oak.  It was very impressive.

We went to the Charleston Market.  There were so many vendors with wonderful arts and crafts.  It was fascinating to watch Sweetgrass Baskets being made.  The amount of time and talent that it takes is amazing.

Charles Towne Landing was a very interesting place. They have a nice center, a historical boat recreation in progress, historical demonstrations and a nice animal forest.

The most rewarding part of the Charleston vacation was watching my nephew and my daughter have so much fun together. He turned five on the trip. She was only two. He watched out for her. . . he still watches out for her today.

What more could you want in a vacation?


  1. Charleston is a great place to vacation…great trees!
    I loved the museum and plantations we visited. Fun vacation spot.

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