Everyone is Special

My daughter gets hives.  Her body has too many mast cells that eventually leads to the hives.  It was a long and rather dramatic experience requiring a biopsy to find this out by the time she was two, but we now know and deal with them frequently.

My younger sister has had hives all of her life as well.  Her allergies set them off as an infant and they got especially horrific after she had a reaction to an antibiotic as a teen.  Her oldest son does not get hives.  He has had them once as far as I know.

When my daughter was bemoaning having hives  one day recently, my sister told her that “Only special people like you and me get hives.”  This made my daughter feel much better.  A little while later, when we were going into a restuarant,  my nephew started saying how he does not get hives just special people like his mom and my daughter get them.  My daughter started to get concerned.  She said he did. He said no.  She then told him that God made everybody special.

Later that afternoon, my sister and her family had left to return to their home several hours away.  My daughter raised the subject of her cousin not having hives and her insisting that he was special too.  She said “I know. I can pray to Jesus to give (my nephew) hives that way he can be special too.”  I said I didn’t think that was neccessary, but it was too late.  I heard her praying for her cousin to get hives.