Maybe It Is A Curse

It may be that my husband is getting ready to go out of town on business and something always goes wrong at home.  It may be that it is this date with its long history of the horrible happening around it.  Regardless, the fun has begun.

The week started with my eye being irritated.  Then, my eyeball started swelling.  When I went outside on Monday afternoon, shooting pain went through my eye back into my skull.  Thus, I went to the eye doctor Tuesday to discover I had an ulcerated cornea. Oh, goody.

It was nearly dinner by the time I finished at the doctor’s,  so the family went to a fast food establishment for a sandwich.  It is not my favorite place in the world, but my daughter loves it. I threw caution and good sense to the wind and ordered one of their burgers with their “special sauce.” Until recently, I had intensely dislike that type of burger; I wish my taste had never changed.

I discovered the burger was raw more than halfway through eating it.  The outside was barely browned, but I had been too busy trying to keep it together with all the lettuce and sauce falling and sliding everywhere to notice.  Of course, the fact that I could not see anything because my eyes were dilated probably did not help.

My husband took the remainder of the sandwich back to the counter.  He came back several minutes later with another one.  Really?  I certainly did not want another one of those things.  He ended up eating it himself  after he discovered our daughter ate most of his remaining chicken pieces while he was gone.

Today, the first of many return trips to the eye doctor, reveals no change.  The good news is I don’t have to go to a corneal specialist. . .or at least not yet.  The bad news is I get to go back tomorrow and the next day and…well, you get the idea.

As far as the raw meat, well I am waiting for tomorrow of that also.  My husband leaves town early in the morning and something always goes wrong at home. . .


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