Tea Party Guest List

My daughter loves parties. Birthday and tea parties are her favorites. She has been wanting to have a “real” tea party for over six months now. Among the problems with actually having a tea party is her guest list. She wants to invite family who live hundreds of miles away. However, she is also set […]

Sunday Sermon Lesson

In church one Sunday, my daughter was drawing pictures on index cards as she often does during the sermon. I had no idea that she was listening to the minister. She suddenly stopped drawing, walked around her dad to me, and whispered, “See, I told you God did not want you to punish me.” I […]

Children’s menus

Many restaurants children’s menus do not represent the offerings on the rest of the menu.

A Heart Wrenching Movie…Toy Story 3

I’ve been reading several blogs a day lately…looking for what I can do better…and I linked into one that included a story about how she “bawled” at Toy Story 3. I was relieved. See, I thought I had been the only one. My sister’s reaction was what I expected as I phoned her during the […]