The Aftermath

After spending a day frequently hiding in a closet from tornadoes, the dawn of the next day brought with it reports on a battery-operated/crank radio of massive damage and additional loss of life. (See previous post for details). An inspection of the outside of our house and yard was our first heartbreaking discovery. There was […]

One Day I Won’t Forget, Part 1

It has been more than six weeks since April 27, 2011 when our area and many others were inundated with tornadoes. I have debated whether or not to blog about it. It affected so many people in our region alone and then it was followed by the horrible devastation in Joplin, MO prompting me to […]

One Day I Won’t Forget, Part 2

My daughter went to her bedroom closet as the weather alarm sounded with the tornado warning. As my husband grabbed the dog and put him next to her, he noticed that she was wearing her bike helmet. He decided it was a great idea and went to grab his hard hat. (The helmet was all […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Pita Pizzas

As a result of my writing a food blog, my daughter is now making up her own recipes and wanting to take pictures of all of our food. These are unintended consequences, but I am trying to use them to encourage her, teach her, and have fun with her. She wants to cook independently, thus […]